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resourceful bees
Photograph by Revd Jane Willis

These resources offer helpful materials – but the Diocese of Chichester does not necessarily share nor endorse all the perspectives and views expressed.

Websites – from a Christian perspective

Websites – from a general perspective



Blogs – from a Christian perspective

Recommended Reading:

Climate Change Science:

Small Gases, Big Effects (This is Climate Change) David Nelles, Christian Serrer

Oxfam- free to download Ebook

Climate Fresk - 3 hours in person or online session.


Starting out:

Valerio, Ruth. Just Living : Faith and Community in an Age of Consumerism, Hodder (2016)

Valerio, Ruth, L is for Lifestyle: Christian Living that Doesn’t Cost the Earth. IVP, revised edition (2008) [paperback and e-book]

Dave Bookless:Planetwise IVP 2008

Dave Bookless:God doesn’t do waste. IVP 2010

Making a World of Difference (Renew Our World, 2023) Dave Bookless (free to download)

Denis Edwards. Partaking of God: Trinity, Evolution, and Ecology. Michael Glazier (2014). Pope Francis.Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home (2015)

Hodson, Martin J. and Hodson, Margot R., A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues. Bible Reading Fellowship (2015)

Grove Books:

In the Mission and Evangelism: Forest Church: Earthed Perspectives on the Gospel (2019) Revd Dr Cate Wiliams

In the Mission and Evangelism series: Climate Action as Mission: How to Link the Gospel with Safeguarding Creation (2021) by Grace Thomas and Mark Coleman

In the Ethics series: An Introduction to Environmental Ethics (2017), Hodson, Martin J. and Hodson, Margot R.

In the Discipleship series: Renewing the Life of the Earth: Christian Discipleship and Environmental Action (2021) by Rachel Mash

In the Biblical series:Marlow, Hilary, The Earth is the Lord's: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues (2008),

Going deeper

Moo, Douglas J., and Moo, Jonathan A., Creation Care : a Biblical Theology of the Natural World. Zondervan (2018), (250 pp.) [paperback and e-book]

Elizabeth Johnson:Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the Love of God.Bloomsbury Continuum, 2015

Ellen Davies Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible. CUP Oct 2008

Walter Brueggemann: The Land: Place as Gift, Promise and Challenge in Biblical Faith.Fortress Press 2002

A M Ranawana: A Liberation for the Earth: Climate Race and the Cross. SCM Press, 2022.

Norman Wirzba: This Sacred Life: Humanity’s place in a wounded world. 2021 Cambridge University Press

Bauckham Richard, Bible and Ecology: Rediscovering the Community of Creation, Darton, Longman, & Todd (2010), (226 pp.)

Horrell, David, The Bible and the Environment: Towards a Critical, Ecological Biblical Theology, Equinox (2010)

Williams, Rowan, Creation, Creativity and Creatureliness: the Wisdom of Finite Existence. A lecture delivered at a Study Day organised by the St Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality, Oxford (2005) [free]


Diocesan Environment Officer – Revd Buff Stone