Diocese of Chichester

We are entering a time when we need to start doing things differently. And at the moment we are thankfully able to use technology to help keep people connected to each other. However for some people using technology will cause some anxiety because we haven’t done this before and that is understandable. However we are all in the same boat and are all having to do ‘life’ differently .

Not many of us are experts at using this technology, we are all learning together so it will be a bit of a joint enterprise. Hopefully you will find it a fruitful experience (in the end!) and a valuable way to stay connected with your friends, family and community.

What you need to do is to:

  1. Download the ZOOM app. This can download onto a phone or tablet via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you want to download it onto your computer then follow this link.
  2. You are then the host of this meeting
  3. Copy the link and put it in an email and send it to the people you want to attend the meeting
  4. You will notice that there is a 9 number ID code and a passcode number that participants will need to be able to access this meeting
  5. Advise participants to : Click on this link at the time the meeting is due to start using the device that you have downloaded the ZOOM app on, then you will be able to see the other members of the group and all be able to contribute

Zoom FAQs can be found here.

Skype is easier to use as you don’t need a password or meeting ID to join:

    1. Download Sykpe and create yourself an account
    2. Email/ contact people and give them your Skype name – if you add a photo of yourself then people can be sure that it is you!
    3. Give them a time that you are planning the meeting and make sure that you are ‘Available’ and there is a green dot next to your photo
    4. People then can all call at the same time and you will see lots of peoples faces on your screen

    Skype FAQs can be found here.