Diocese of Chichester

The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance (Incorporated) ('DBF') is the charitable company which holds the financial assets of the Diocese of Chichester.  The purpose of the charity is to promote, assist and advance the work of the Church of England in the Diocese of Chichester.  We do this by paying and housing the clergy, training future clergy and providing a range of services for parishes and church schools. The members of Bishop’s Council are the trustees of the charity. Around half of the Council are members by virtue of their office, and the rest are chosen by members of the Diocesan Synod - the main governing body - every three years.

Bishop’s Council delegate detailed financial decision making to the Operating Committee. Day to day management of the diocesan finances is then delegated to the Accounts Department at Church House Hove.

The work of the Operating Committee is supplemented by the Assets Committee who provide advice about managing investments and the property portfolio.  Together these different bodies of people strive to use the resources of the charity wisely to support the work of our parish churches.   

The major source of the DBF's income comes from the generosity of parishes through the Parish Share.  Parish Share represents approximately 80% of the Diocese’s total income.  In addition, the Diocese generates investment income from historic endowments and from letting out vacant properties.

The majority of the Diocese’s expenditure is spent on the clergy who serve our parishes.  The cost of providing ministry across the diocese represents approximately 80% of total expenditure. This covers clergy stipends, NI, pension, housing, and the costs of training current and future clergy. It also includes money spent on supporting ministry through the work of the Archdeacons, Rural Deans, Continuing Ministerial Development and the payment of removal and resettlement grants.

The remaining expenditure is spent on parish support services such as the provision of buildings advice, supporting church schools and safeguarding services, as well as a contribution to the National Church.

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Accounts and Budgets for previous years can be found in the documents section.

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