Diocese of Chichester

Many people today understand the church as a building. This is not a biblical understanding of the church. The word “church” is a translation of the Greek word ekklesia, which is defined as “an assembly” or “called-out ones.” The root meaning of church is not that of a building, but of people. It is ironic that when you ask people what church they attend, they usually identify a building. St Paul refers to the church in their house—not a church building, but a body of believers.

At church we learn from God’s words through scripture, worship God through songs and prayer, share in the sacraments, share fellowship and offer our prayers for our own needs and the needs of the world.

The church gathers people together for worship, to recognize and celebrate all that God is and all that He has done. To be drawn into the life of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We come together around the songs and words of praise in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

Worship helps us to recognise who God really is. It helps us to see the goodness of God and opens our hearts to all that is good. It is something that we are called to do every day in our lives and coming together on a Sunday with other believers strengthens us as individuals and also as the body of Christ.

Church is the definition of Christian community. A place where we can gather together as like minded people with a common truth and purpose; to love and support one another in both in the tough times and celebrations as we walk together through life. In a society where loneliness is common, the church can offer a life line to those who want friendship and a connection to the local community.