Diocese of Chichester

Seeking to reflect God’s love for:
The Individual
The Community
The Natural World

Contributing to the common good is the third strand of our diocesan strategy. We believe we have many resources in our churches that can make a difference in our communities. The kingdom of God is about the transformation of society as well as individual lives turned to Christ. However, we believe in doing things together. That may be in partnership with other churches, government agencies and local charities. As a diocese we are involved in rural issues, the environment, work with refugees and the homeless and seeking to be a voice for the poorest in our society, amongst many more. You can find out more through some of the contacts below.

Diocesan Environment Officer Revd Debbie Beer 07530
Diocesan Disability Adviser Revd John Naudé 01444
230 830
Bishop's LGBTI+ Liaison Officer Revd Andrew Woodward 01273
421 021