Diocese of Chichester

There are a range of changes to parishes that can be made by Schemes and Orders under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011.

Perhaps there has been re-development so that an area of your parish now relates to a different parish. The areas of the parishes could be altered to make that change.

Does a whole area have a clear identity and an independent sense of place that is not reflected in the current arrangements? It could become a new parish.

Do you want to join with another Church of England church? It could be a neighbouring parish or even one further away? Perhaps a union of benefices and/or parishes would be appropriate.

Would a collaborative ministry of a different kind be better for you? It could relate to wider areas of working together. It may be a Team Ministry or a Group Ministry would be useful. 

If your incumbent is leaving, or has just left, it may not be helpful to press on with a new permanent appointment. ‘Suspension of presentation’ could provide a period to arrange for clergy to work with you for a time, whilst the way forward is worked through.