Diocese of Chichester

Under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules, works covered by List B can be undertaken by an 'authorised person' provided that the Archdeacon has been consulted and has agreed that a faculty is not required and has given their approval. The Archdeacon should seek the advice of the DAC, or one of its members or officers, before issuing an Archdeacon's Notice authorising the works. The Church Buildings team processes List B applications on behalf of the Archdeacons.

Making a List B application

List B applications can be submitted via the Online Faculty System, by email, or by post.

To apply using the Online Faculty System, the first step is to register for an account. A guide for parishes on using the Online Faculty System is available here. You may also find it helpful to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, it is still possible to apply by email, by sending the following information to dac@chichester.anglican.org:

  • A List B application form
  • Supporting information including details of the works to be carried out
  • A quotation
  • Photographs of the area
  • A PCC motion

We are also happy to receive hard copy applications by post, to The Church Buildings Team, Church House, 211 New Church Road, Hove, BN3 4ED.

The Church Buildings Team will upload any applications received by email or post to the Online Faculty System. This creates a useful online archive that will allow parishes to look back and see what works have been carried out to the church.

What supporting information is needed?

The amount and type of supporting documentation needed varies depending on the nature of the works.


For an application to dispose of some modern chairs, some photographs of the chairs and an explanation as to why the chairs are no longer needed would be sufficient.

For an application for a replacement boiler (using the existing pipework and flue), a detailed quotation and schedule of works from a contractor and photographs of the existing boiler and surroundings should be submitted.

For works to historic fabric, such as repointing or stonework repairs, more information is often needed. Generally, the relevant section from the latest quinquennial inspection report and a specification and schedule of works should be submitted and it is helpful to submit as much information as possible.

What happens next?

The Church Buildings team will check the information that has been submitted and let you know if any further information is required. If the application has been submitted by email or post, the application will be uploaded to the Online Faculty System.

Applications are then generally sent to a DAC member, who reviews the information supplied and advises the Archdeacon on whether or not they feel the proposals should be approved and whether they have any concerns or suggested conditions.

The Archdeacon then reviews the application and the advice received. If the Archdeacon is happy to authorise the works, they will issue an Archdeacon’s Notice of Approval through the Online Faculty System, which issues an email to the person who made the application.


Most applications are processed within 1-2 weeks, once all of the information needed has been received. If your application is particularly urgent, please let the Church Buildings team know and they will do their best to expedite your application, if possible.

It’s best to double-check that the works are definitely covered by List B well in advance (as faculty applications take significantly longer) and to apply for List permission at least a month before the works are planned to start, in case there are any unexpected delays.

Please note that List B applications must be made in advance and that Archdeacons are not able to give retrospective approval; if the works start without an Archdeacon’s Notice having been issued, the parish would need to apply for a confirmatory faculty.

Archdeacon’s Notices are generally valid for one year. If you realise that you are not going to be able to complete the works within the year, please get in touch with the Church Buildings team, who will arrange for the Archdeacon's Notice to be extended.

Help with applications

If you are making an application for the first time, have any doubts about whether the works are covered by List B, or would like to discuss your application and what to submit, please get in touch with the Church Buildings team.