Diocese of Chichester

The Parish Giving Scheme has now become well-established as the best method for enabling regular giving of inflation-proofed income to our parish churches, and the simplest method of re-claiming Gift Aid monthly. PGS is handled by the PGS Team, relieving PCC members of the administrative burden that regular giving usually creates.

Over half of all churches in the Diocese are now enrolled and nationally, 30 dioceses are now in the Scheme.

PGS is a separately registered charity (No.1156606). More details for registered users can be read on the PGS website.

PGS Digital Service. New donors can set up a regular donation to the parish of their choice, using PGS online at https://www.parishgiving.org.uk. Please note the web address of the online scheme.

The website simply asks for a donor’s parish details and they will be presented with the choice of churches in their area. By choosing a church, they are invited to provide their contact details and donate.

More online services are being planned to make the online donation experience as simple as possible.

For existing users we have available:

  • a form to change the statement receiver
  • a form to authorise the statement to be received by an additional member of the PCC
  • a form to notify PGS of a change in your church’s bank account
  • suggestions for example letters for non-regular and regular givers
  • the brief introduction to PGS leaflet for new donors. For this leaflet to print properly please download the pdf and save it to your computer before opening it in a pdf reader such as Adobe or Foxit, using the print option to print as Landscape and as a Booklet
  • the Donor’s Gift Form, for you to download and print the number of copies you need
  • HOWTO to show how the PGS forms can be signed and shared digitally

Summary of steps to get started with PGS

Be realistic

The PGS will not solve all your financial problems with one ‘magic bullet’, but it should be a real help.


We need to seek God’s guidance before we make any significant decision affecting our church.

Discuss in the PCC meeting

Prayerfully, the PCC should discuss and (if appropriate) resolve to use PGS. A helpful fact sheet is available for download.

A resolution could be worded as follows:

We the PCC of ... request the Chichester Diocesan Board of Finance to commence operation of the Parish Giving Scheme on our behalf and authorise … name… to be the main **contact/statement receiver**. We also request a batch of PGS tokens be provided for users of the Scheme**.

(**delete as appropriate)

Register your church

Use a registration form to get your church registered. This will need signatures of various people. The back of the form asks for some figures about your current patterns of giving, to give us a base from which to measure the effectiveness of the system.

We need you to complete both sides and post the form to Church House together with a bank paying-in slip to enable us to verify the bank account. On receipt of this form at Church House we send out everything you need to get started.

Get a few ‘champions’ on board

Once a small number of donors (e.g. some PCC members) are comfortable with the way the PGS operates, it will be much easier to convince others!

Roll it out to the whole congregation

The word will quickly spread – PGS is very efficient for both church administrators and for donors. Some churches have even given or sent the gift forms to wedding and baptism guests, with positive results! Local churches know what will work within their communities.


Email: pgs@chichester.anglican.org

Telephone your Parish Advisor: 01273 425 797

Postal address for returning the registration form and bank paying-in slip:

Parish Giving Scheme, Diocese of Chichester, Church House, 211 New Church Road, Hove BN3 4ED

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