Diocese of Chichester

Parishes will need to produce their own induction and licensing booklets and may make use of the files provided here; graphics of the Diocesan Arms and Church of England logo are also available.

Parishes MUST forward two copies of their booklet to the bishop conducting the service for approval three weeks prior to the service and BEFORE the remainder are printed, and the bishop’s directions must be followed.

These texts indicate the position of the principal elements within the service, and the mandatory texts, but generally they do not include details of the Eucharist or Service of the Word themselves as there are many permitted options within Common Worship. For details of these “containing” services, see the Common Worship website for Eucharist Services and Service of the Word files to download.

Where these services already include material for which alternatives exist, the material must not be substituted without the approval of the bishop conducting the service.

You are also reminded to note copyright restrictions on these services and on any hymns or other texts you include. Normally these will mean that you must include the name of the parish and the date of the service on the front cover; you may also have to pay the original publisher a fee. Common Worship has its own published copyright requirements, which you must follow in respect of these texts and the text of an interpolated Eucharist or Service of the Word.

The Bishops, Bishop’s Council, the Diocesan Board of Finance, and other diocesan bodies or personnel will not be liable for any copyright infringements by parishes.

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