Diocese of Chichester

The Clergy Discipline Commission recommends that dioceses should publicise the imposition of penalties under the Clergy Discipline Measure by setting up a Clergy Discipline page on the diocese’s website. All penalties should be recorded on it, whether imposed by the bishop or by a bishop’s disciplinary tribunal for the diocese. The name of the cleric, the penalty, the date imposed and a brief summary of the nature of the misconduct should be included in the entry. Penalties will therefore be recorded on this page when they are imposed.

Entries will be removed after 5 years, except in the following cases:

(i) a rebuke – the entry will be removed at the end of 1 year;

(ii) an injunction – the entry will be removed at the end of the period during which the injunction has been operative;

(iii) removal from office – the entry will be removed if the cleric re-enters ministry before the period of 5 years has expired.

(iv) prohibition – the entry will be removed at the end of the prohibition if the period is longer than 5 years.

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Notices of findings and penalties given to clergy in the Diocese of Chichester:-

On 30 November 2018, the Reverend Peter Clegg consented to a rebuke for officiating at a funeral without holding the required Permission to Officiate.