Diocese of Chichester

2019 DATES

Agenda Closing DateDate of Meeting Site Visits
Wednesday 23rd JanuaryThursday 14th FebruaryThursday 28th February
Wednesday 20th FebruaryThursday 14th MarchThursday 28th March
Wednesday 20th MarchThursday 11th AprilThursday 25th April
Wednesday 17th AprilThursday 9th MayThursday 23rd May
Wednesday 22nd MayThursday 13th JuneThursday 27th June
Wednesday 19th JuneThursday 11th JulyThursday 25th July
No August MeetingNo August MeetingNo August Site Visits
Wednesday 21st AugustThursday 19th SeptemberThursday 26th September
Wednesday 18th SeptemberThursday 10th OctoberThursday 17th October
Wednesday 23rd OctoberThursday 14th NovemberThursday 28th November
Wednesday 20th NovemberThursday 5th DecemberNo December Site Visits

2020 DATES                                                                                           

Agenda Closing DateDate of Meeting Site Visits
Wednesday 22nd JanuaryThursday 13th FebruaryThursday 27th February
Wednesday 19th FebruaryThursday 12th MarchThursday 26th March
Wednesday 11th MarchThursday 2nd AprilThursday 23rd April
Wednesday 22nd AprilThursday 14th MayThursday 21st May
Wednesday 20th MayThursday 11th JuneThursday 25th June
Wednesday 17th JuneThursday 9th JulyThursday 23rd July
No August MeetingNo August MeetingNo August Site Visits
Wednesday 26th AugustThursday 17th SeptemberThursday 24th September
Wednesday 16th SeptemberThursday 8th OctoberThursday 22nd October
Wednesday 21st OctoberThursday 12th NovemberThursday 26th November
Wednesday 18th NovemberThursday 10th DecemberNo December Site Visits