Diocese of Chichester

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles Training Day: Date in 2023, to be confirmed, at Church House

A Coaching Circle is a confidential, peer-facilitated group of 4 people who meet every 6 weeks for around 2.5 hours to create a safe space, offer deep attention, and intentional questions to experience a powerful sense of collaborative support. A 1-day training course imparting the Coaching Circles key skills and framework is being offered in 2023, date to be confirmed.

Training Day Overview

Aim: By the end the training day you will have all you need to peer-facilitate your on-going Coaching Circle confidently alongside three colleagues.The day will include:

An exploration of the key skills needed including: agreeing ground rules, exploring a coaching approach & the appropriate use of questions; understanding of different ways of speaking & listening; tools for reflecting back & where appropriate means of offering your own learnings in ways which provide effective, powerful yet non-directive support to colleagues.

A simple, clear outline framework you will follow for each of your Coaching Circle Sessions

The opportunity to put it all into practice by experiencing your first Coaching Circle for yourself, followed by a final session for questions & clarifications.

Follow Up

After the training course, you can establish a Coaching Circle that meets at a mutually agreed time and place providing you with supportive peer-to-peer reflective practice. Laura Steven (Head of Wellbeing for Clergy) will be available to provide practical input and guidance in the coming months, if requested.

The intention is for this training day to be available every six months in order that more and more clergy in the diocese become proficient in co-hosting Coaching Circles with one another.

To indicate your interest in training and participating in a Coaching Circle in 2022-23, email wellbeingforclergy@chichester.anglican.org