Diocese of Chichester

Site visits

The DAC makes approximately 30 site visits to churches each year to discuss plans for buildings projects with members of parishes. These site visits can be very helpful for both the parish and the Committee, as they provide an opportunity to talk through the plans in situ, identify any possible challenges, and discuss next steps. It is recommended that parishes planning a major project, such as a major reordering, an extension, or installation of new facilities, should book a site visit if possible. 

DAC site visits usually take place on one Thursday a month (please see dates here) and tend to alternate between the east and west of the diocese. Before the site visit takes place, it is helpful if the parish have had a preliminary discussion with their Inspecting Architect or Surveyor and have some sketch drawings of possible ideas, and for the PCC to have written a first draft of their Statement of Need. 

Slots tend to book up 3-4 months in advance so please get in touch as early as possible to request a site visit. 

Informal Advice

Parishes may also request informal DAC advice in writing in respect of general queries or in advance of submitting a request for formal DAC advice. There is no specific format for requesting DAC advice; please just email or write to the Church Buildings team, explaining that you would like informal advice and including as much information as possible.