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Spiritual direction

We all need help in our journey of faith, and one real source of encouragement and stimulus can be working with a spiritual director: someone who walks with us in the journey, and especially supports us in our life of prayer, which, of course, should spill over to all departments of our life. More and more people are finding that meeting a spiritual director or soul friend maybe quarterly, is a spiritual discipline which brings great blessing, and helps us to attend more closely to the movements of God’s Spirit in our lives. If you would like help to find a spiritual director, please be in contact with,

Kate Woodgate.

We are pleased to announce a number of initiatives to support spirituality in the Diocese.


A number of parishes are running these 'retreats in daily life' as part of the Year of Pryaer.  Information and resouces are available of the Year of Prayer webpage.  Any specific requests for advice in running these may be addressed to Deborah Hennessy.


The Annual Forum of spiritual directors will take place on Tuesday 6 December 2018 at St Peter's, West Blatchington, Hove. Teaching will be given by Dr Andrew Walker, founder of the London Centre for Spirituality.

2018-19 COURSE Introduction to Spiritual Direction

   It has three major aims:

  1. to gain an understanding of a range of historic and contemporary spiritual traditions and approaches to prayer, exploring the role of the spiritual director within each of them and experiencing various ways of praying
  2. to gain a basic knowledge of key issues in spiritual direction, for example discernment, movement/transitions in prayer, noticing, resistance/ barriers to prayer, boundaries and role; transference; images of God and self
  3. to develop skills in listening and reflection vital for the practice of spiritual direction Full details in the orange panel on the right


The Diocese offers a team of experienced colleagues ready to advise you and your parish. They have particular expertise in different fields of spirituality. Please get in touch with them directly.

training, resources & research   vacant    vacant
spiritual direction enquiries Kate Woodgate   spiritualdirectionenquiries@chichester.anglican.org
children's spirituality Irene Smale Irene.Smale@chichester.anglican.org
spirituality in later life Howard Schnaar howardschnaar@gmail.com
spirituality, creativity and outreach Martin Poole info@beyondchurch.co.uk
weeks of guided prayer John Twistleton John.Twisleton@chichester.anglican.org
spirituality and ministry   Vacant  
interfaith spirituality Andrew Wingate andrewwingate5@gmail.com

We offer a number of training courses related to Spiritual Direction.

More detail can be found by following the links below.

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