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Spiritual Direction

The diocesan Vision for Growth 2020-2025 focuses on the credal profession of faith We believe in One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church’; holiness being one of the marks of the Church. It says: ‘We want to see our life flow out of prayer and worship, rather than see these things as one amongst other activities that we do.’ Seeking growth in our spiritual lives must be at the heart of our vision and activities.

Since the earliest centuries of the church, God has called Christians to offer support to others in their prayer life through forms of spiritual direction. This is a significant Christian ministry that requires a charism or particular gifting from God, rather than being something anyone can be trained in. It is essential that those involved in this ministry are themselves receiving spiritual direction, supervision and ongoing training, including in safeguarding.

Chichester no longer has a diocesan network of spiritual directors, following a significant review undertaken of spiritual direction within the diocese. However, the ministry of spiritual direction in Sussex continues, but it is overseen and resourced in a different way.

The London Centre for Spiritual Direction is an established and well-resourced Centre who already have directors from Sussex within their Community of Spiritual Directors. They would welcome applications by directors in the diocese who meet their training levels, safeguarding requirements and Code of Practice (https://www.lcsd.org.uk/resources/). They also offer a matching service for those seeking a spiritual director. Area co-ordinators for the Centre within the diocese can be contacted at spiritual.directors@chichester.anglican.org.

In addition, the Centre offers a three- year initial training course for those whose call to this ministry has been discerned. Spiritual Directors who are part of the Community network are given regular supervision and ongoing training.

A number of clergy, religious and laity exercise the ministry of spiritual direction within the diocese, maintaining appropriate support structures whilst not being part of the LCSD directory. These will often be known by the area co-ordinators (see above for contact details), but it might also be worth seeking the advice of local clergy who will often be aware of those exercising this ministry within a locality. The charism for this ministry within the Church has commonly been recognised by others who have sought their guidance.

Ultimately, it is not us but the Holy Spirit who is the director of souls, ‘God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us’ (Romans 5.5).Our prayer continues to be that more people across Sussex come to ‘know, love and follow Jesus’.

LCSD Safeguarding Bolt On Course is now ready to book…

This interactive online event includes input, discussion and case studies to help consider how Safeguarding principles apply to Spiritual Direction.


Please note, this course is intended to be an extension to full Safeguarding training, which attendees should have already completed elsewhere (at least to C1 level). Please see our Safeguarding & Policies page on the website for more information on this.

Tuesday 16 July 2024 18:00 - 21:00Online


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