Diocese of Chichester

In addition to encouraging generous giving, many PCCs have assets that they own that can bring in regular income. These might be property assets such as church halls or houses, or financial assets such as investments or even cash which could be invested. As charitable trustees in financially stretching times, you will no doubt be concerned that you are maximising their income from these.

This is not about the Church being greedy, but about charitable trustees (which all PCC members are) ensuring that they are making the most of their potential sources of income. This is so that you can fulfil your core purpose as a charity: running the parish church as a local centre of worship and mission.

Below, you can download a short questionnaire on property assets, intended to help PCCs with self-study, i.e., it is NOT intended that the results should be sent in to your archdeacon or Church House. Some of the questions may seem very obvious and be ones that you consider routinely: if so, that is all well and good and this questionnaire need detain you no further.

However, it may raise issues that lead you to wonder whether you need to review your financial strategy. It is also possible that it may raise questions about which you feel you need some advice: in which case you may want to consult, for example, a local estate agent or, in certain circumstances, contact your archdeacon who, if necessary, can direct you to an appropriate officer at Church House or the Diocesan Board of Finance. For matters relating to church buildings or churchyards, the Church Buildings Department can advise on what permissions, such as faculties or planning permission, are required.

The questionnaire is not intended to be prescriptive: in different places, different policies will need to be adopted on the matters it covers.

Also below is some guidance on investments for PCCs.

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