Diocese of Chichester

Applying for permission

Under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, which were subsequently amended by legislation that came into effect on 1st April 2020 and 1 July 2022 (please click here for a version that incorporates all of the changes), there are three levels of works to church buildings:

  • List A – works for which no permission or consultation is needed
  • List B – works that require the permission of the Archdeacon
  • Faculty - works that are not covered by List A or List B, which require a faculty by default

What level of permission do I need to apply for?

As a first step, please check to see if the works that you would like to carry out are covered by List A or List B.

Please note that, in order to proceed with the works under List A or List B, you must be able to meet any specified conditions listed on the right side of the table.

List A

If you are confident that the works come under List A, no consultation or permission is needed but the works should be recorded in your parish log book. You may also like to record List A works on the Online Faculty System so that there is an online record for your successors.

List B

If the works come under List B, please make an application for the Archdeacon’s permission, using the List B process.


If the works will need to be authorised by a faculty, please refer to the guidance on making a faculty application.

If in doubt…

If you are in any doubt about the level of permission needed, please get in touch with the Church Buildings team, your Archdeacon, or your Inspecting Architect/Surveyor to discuss.