Diocese of Chichester

CMD is about equipping and developing the Church's ministers, helping them to encourage the whole Church to participate more fully in the mission of God in the world.

CMD is offered to all ordained ministers in the Diocese of Chichester to support them in their particular responsibilities, and especially to meet specific training needs identified through their biannual Ministerial Development Review. We also work closely with colleagues in the Department of Apostolic Life to offer a range of formation and development opportunities to all (lay and ordained) who are called to be part of the mission and ministry of God’s Church.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with the CMD Officer, The Revd Earl Collins (01273 421 021).

CMD Grant Applications

If you would like to apply for a grant for a course of study, simply download the CMD Grant Application Form and return it to the CMD officer, ideally as an email attachment. Please ensure that you apply well in advance, and ideally at least six weeks before the start date of the course / retreat. Please note that CMD funding is also available for online courses.

Please note that grants towards the cost of clergy retreats are provided by the Elfinsward Trust, administered by the Archdeacons. Contact your Archdeacon for more information.

Extended Ministerial Development Leave (EMDL) & Study Leave

Clergy can apply for a three month period of EMDL or study leave once they have completed ten years of ordained ministry. Those wishing to apply should first discuss the idea with their Archdeacon or Bishop, before contacting the CMD Administrator with an outline of their project. 

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