Diocese of Chichester


1. “Green” your church’s energy use

Read the latest (November 2019) CofE guidance - Energy: Economic, Environmental and Efficiency Improvements

Consider switching your energy supplier -
Ecotricity is currently considered to be the “greenest”
Parish Buying is a group buying scheme for churches

Would investing in an energy audit of your church building be worthwhile? SOENECS Ltd offer an on-site Energy Opportunity Assessment which was designed and tested through the Diocese’s Energy Stewardship Programme. For more information contact the Diocesan Environment Officer, Revd Debbie Beer (07530 039299 / debbie.beer@chichester.anglican.org)

Explore the information on the CofE website -
on Sustainable Church Buildings and the full set of Church Buildings Advice and Guidance pages

Coming soon – CofE Church Energy Footprint Toolread about it nowand watch this space for information on its roll out.

2. Find other green action and lifestyle ideas

Living Lent - This 2019 website still offers great support for commitment and action for lifestyle change – a choice of six options (single use plastics, meat, alternative transport, energy use, local living, buy nothing new).

Check your environmental footprint - Our lifestyle choices make up our environmental footprint. The World Wildlife Fund says measuring yours takes less than five minutes and could change the way you live. The charity’s website calculates your footprint score using the answers you provide to their five-minute questionnaire. Then it offers tips to reduce your footprint – and shows how you can share that knowledge with others.

What can I do to stop climate change? (Friends of the Earth) - a range of ideas for action

Reduce your plastic use – more than 40 ideas from the Church of England's 2019 Lent Plastic Challenge. Download it in in Word or PDF format.

3. Get your church signed up to Eco Church !