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General election - a time for reflection and thanks for those who have served and serve

Bishop Martin said he is delighted some churches will be able to open for prayer and quiet reflection today as the nation goes to the polls.

On 1 jul 2024

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In a letter to all his clergy, Dr Warner urged local church leaders to “model a pattern of courtesy” by thanking those who have served as MP’s and welcoming those elected to serve in the future.

Dr Warner said the social media campaign“#PrayYourPart offers a thoughtful contribution to the election process, reminding us that prayer for those in authority is an integral aspect of the Christian world-view.”

He added: “In every parish it will be appropriate to ask the congregation to pray for those who are standing for election and for the outcome.”

The Bishop, who is a member of the House of Lords, has at various times met with MP’s who serve the constituencies of his diocese: “My experience is that, irrespective of political party, they have been diligent constituency MPs and it would be a generous thing to write and thank them for their public service.”

The Bishop added that just as clergy hold public office in local communities, so it is right and proper to welcome those newly elected to parliament on Thursday by modelling "a pattern of courtesy that indicates we take our office seriously and hope others feel able to reciprocate.”

Photo by Red Dot on Unsplash