Diocese of Chichester

Appointment made to tackle Net Zero Carbon plans for the Diocese

Steve Collins will be joining the diocesan team as the NZC Programme Manager (part-time). Steve is fully funded by National Church and his time will be shared between the dioceses of Chichester, Guildford and Portsmouth to create a full-time post.

On 9 feb 2024

In Diocese of Chichester

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The appointment has been made possible because of a successful application for capacity funding to support the Net Zero Carbon (NZC) initiative endorsed by the Chichester Diocesan Synod in November 2023. 

Throughout Steve’s working career he has shared his passion for helping others across the globe within Tearfund , his love for the environment and the care of God’s creation.

More recently Steve has been the Deputy Diocesan Secretary at the Diocese of Guildford and therefore well positioned for this role covering three neighbouring dioceses.

The Diocese of Chichester is committed to caring for creation and developing church buildings that are warm and fit for purpose to support mission through this initiative as we work with all those of good will to contribute to the common good of wise stewardship of our planet.