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2023 - Excellent Year for Reflection

The weeks leading up to the start of Advent mark the end of the Diocese of Chichester's Year of the Old Testament.

On 15 nov 2023

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2023 was heralded as the a Year to engage with and study the books of what are now known as the Hebrew Scriptures of part of a sequence of themed years leading up to 2025 as the Year of Faith.

Last autumn the Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, welcomed the launch of the Year of the Old Testament. Plans included a specially designed Lent Course and study groups made up of clergy and laity.

The bishops of the Diocese also made it clear that they hoped that more and more parishes would ensure that the Old Testament was read in churches more often.

2024 is to be the Year of the New Testament. A new logo and plans for next year will be outlined at the end of the month. Whilst the year officially begins on Advent Sunday (3 December) parishes will be engaging with the themes after Christmas when all the Advent and Christmas sequence of services and special events have been celebrated.