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Bishop – horrified by escalation of events in the Holy Land and urges prayers for peace.

Bishop Martin has today expressed his deep concern for all those caught up in the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas.

On 16 oct 2023

In Diocese of Chichester

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Speaking from Rome, where he is representing the Church of England at the Synod of Bishops called by Pope Francis, Bishop Martin said he was “horrified by the speed and scale of events in the Holy Land”.

“After the atrocities which started this current wave of violence, we are united with the people of Israel in their terrible suffering. We also pray for civilians caught up in the movement of people in Gaza. Across the Diocese, they are all in our thoughts and prayers at this time of great uncertainty for the whole region,” said Dr Warner. 

Prayers for peace have been said daily at the Synod in Rome and echoed around the world. The archbishops of Canterbury and York have also urged prayers for peace. 

Dr Warner, a regular pilgrim to the Holy Land, has visited the region many times. He has engaged regularly on those visits with both the Palestinian and Israeli communities.

“When people light a candle, say their prayers, remember all those caught up in this latest violence, I am confident that the prayers of the psalms in praying for the peace of Jerusalem, will be echoed across the Diocese of Chichester – in our parishes, schools, chaplaincies and communities,” said Dr Warner today. 

Prayer Vigil in the Bishop's Chapel

The cathedral will be holding a prayer vigil between 12.00 – 3 pm on Tuesday 17 October in the Bishop’s Chapel, access from the pavement at West Front of the Cathedral.