Diocese of Chichester

Happy Harvest

Many parishes will be marking this years’ Harvest time with services of thanksgiving and welcoming donations of food to be distributed in the community.

On 15 sep 2021

In Diocese of Chichester

By communications

Harvest reminds Christians of God’s faithfulness in continuing to provide for us. It is a time to remember that not everyone has as much as we do.

Although church volunteers have been busy decorating their churches and welcoming donations, services have started to take place across the diocese including St Georges Kemp Town, where the congregation enjoyed a very successful Harvest celebration last weekend which concluded with a Potluck Supper.

Fr Andrew Manson-Brailsford, the vicar of St George’s Kemp Town said:
“It was good to refresh after a lock down, and to get to know newcomers. We had good weather and great company, and such a good feeling.

“People brought in food to share, and then enjoyed having a chat and getting to know each other a little better.

“Donated goods were shared between Voices in Exile and Brighton City Mission. The Harvest festival service donations totalled £559.71 and was split between Christian Aid, Water Aid and Oxfam.

“What a splendid day we all had."

In the photo: Clare, Eve, David, Jill and Julia enjoying the Harvest Potluck supper

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