Diocese of Chichester

Growing partnerships

The Diocesan Education Team has formally launched a flagship initiative to support schools and church communities to grow together in partnership.

On 29 apr 2021

In Diocese of Chichester

By communications

Trevor Cristin, Diocesan Director of Education said: “I’m delighted to be able to finally announce this exciting venture. The initiative has been created after discussions with people at all levels and in all areas across the diocese. “Growing Partnerships” is all about building a foundation upon which school and church communities can grow together in partnership.

"Together we are part of the Household of Faith. This phrase reflects our unity as worshiping communities who are seeking to fulfil God’s mission in our localities. Our hope and prayer is that this “Growing Partnership” initiative will help equip and support schools and parishes as we look to the future in hope and confidence. Our aim is to offer a resource that will develop what may well already exist or help new aspirations and relationships to emerge.

"Other dioceses have taken an interest in this piece of work so we would love to hear back from you telling us how it is being used or how it has guided your thinking."

This good practice guide contains suggestions for partnership work. The Covenant is a blueprint for schools and parishes to work with and apply as they see most effective. To obtain a copy of the guide please contact Michelle Perry.