Diocese of Chichester

Call for survivors of abuse to come forward

The Diocese has been working in partnership with charities to help it learn from the past and protect the future.

On 28 apr 2021

In Diocese of Chichester

By communications

All local authorities in Sussex as well as Survivor Network and others have been sharing a message over the past weeks and months to encourage unknown victims of church related abuse to come forward. To support this, Survivor Network produced this video here

In the meantime, work continues and our independent reviewers are busy finalising a report into reviewing all past cases in the diocese. This work will form part of a national report due in Spring 2022 which will identify future recommendations or changes to safeguarding policy.

Contacting the Diocese of Chichester PCR2 team:

If you have any questions relating to the PCR2 work within the diocese please email them to: PCR2@chichester.anglican.org

Raising safeguarding concerns:

Anybody who would like to give information or make disclosures about church-related abuse is asked to email the Diocesan Safeguarding Team via the email address: safeguarding@chichester.anglican.org