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New appointment to help parishes

The Diocese of Chichester is delighted to announce the appointment of Reverend Doctor Jack Dunn as a part-time Parish Development Officer.

On 18 mar 2021

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Rob Dillingham, deputy Directory for Apostolic Life, welcomed the appointment and said: "We are so grateful to the Archbishops’ Council, whose grant of sustainability funding to cover the costs of this post has made the appointment possible. 

"Jack brings a wealth of experience from leading an Anglo-Catholic church into significant growth in Chelmsford diocese. Jack and I will be working together to produce resources and help to enable churches to start to grow and flourish again in a post Covid world.”

Jack joins the Diocese from Wanstead Parish, a large active parish serving a wide range of different communities and congregations in East London in the Diocese of Chelmsford. He has served in three separate dioceses in different roles, including as a Chaplain and Welfare Officer, a self-supporting House for Duty Priest and a full-time stipendiary incumbent.

Jack is passionate about all of the Five Marks of Mission, about church renewal and growth, especially growing the church younger, lay ministry, Evangelism and reaching out to new communities. He also serves as a trustee of the charity The Clergy Support Trust and is deeply committed to clergy welfare and wellbeing.

Flourishing parish ministry is at the very heart of the Diocesan Vision for Growth 2020-2025. Working alongside our Archdeacons, rural deans, parish clergy and laity and colleagues in the Department for Apostolic Life, Jack will be assisting parishes across the diocese to help more and different people to know, love and follow Jesus Christ. The Diocesan Vision for Growth is to see all of our churches, chaplaincies and faith communities to become more open, more converted to Jesus Christ, more generous and more engaged.

Jack joined us on 16th March 2021, working (when it opens again) out of Church House in Hove. He will hold a general license. To learn more about the Diocesan Vision for Growth 2020-2025, please see here Our Strategy - Diocese of Chichester (anglican.org) To find out some of the many ways the Department For Apostolic Life can assist you to serve your faith communities, please see here Apostolic Life - Diocese of Chichester (anglican.org) or contact Jack.Dunn@Chichester.Anglican.Org for a conversation.