Diocese of Chichester

IICSA Report Response

On 6 oct 2020

In Diocese of Chichester

By Comms

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Chichester said today:

"The Diocese of Chichester notes carefully the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA's) report published today. The 154 page report will need close study over the coming weeks.

“The suffering caused to victims and survivors, described in this report, is a cause of deep sorrow. We cannot say enough how sorry and ashamed we are for the past failings that occurred within the Diocese of Chichester.

“We welcome the Inquiry’s conclusion that much has improved since 2013, in the wider Church as well as in the Diocese of Chichester. But as the report makes clear, there is still more to be done, and we want to emphasise our ongoing commitment to continuing to build a comprehensively strong safeguarding culture where the safety of every child and vulnerable person is at the heart of all of our work and where we respond well to the needs of victims and survivors.

“The Inquiry’s recommendation that primary operational responsibility for certain key safeguarding decisions be transferred to Diocesan Safeguarding Officers allows for further development of the strong partnership working between DSOs, Bishops and other senior church officers as they respond to the safeguarding and pastoral issues they face. This recommendation draws from a paper submitted to IICSA by the Chichester Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, which itself drew heavily from his experience of such partnership working in Chichester."

You can read the full report here