Diocese of Chichester

NOW OUT: Faith in Sussex September Issue

This online edition of Faith in Sussex gives us an opportunity to catch up on what has been happening around the diocese during the long weeks of Covid lockdown.

On 15 sep 2020

In Diocese of Chichester

Many thanks to those who have been collecting and recording the amazing stories of faith from across the diocese. The priority of prayer and worship, in and beyond our church buildings, has been our duty and our source of consolation and hope. The practical response to human need has also been a clear expression of the love of God for each and every person.

The pandemic has taken its toll, especially in the death of loved ones in our family and congregations. It has also been difficult to mark other life events, like leaving school, when we can say good bye, thank you, and God bless and keep you.

We have also had to defer the ordinations which are now happening around the festival of St Michael and All Angels – perhaps a good time to be celebrating how to serve as bearers of good news. (An angel is a distinctive messenger who does the will of God.) 

Please pray for those who are to be ordained deacon and priest.

Finally, we are delighted to welcome Bishop Ruth, the new Bishop of Horsham, and Bishop Will, the new bishop of Lewes, and to assure them of our prayers and good wishes.

The ordinations will mark the beginnings of ministry by the new bishops in a very appropriate way for the whole diocese. For all of us, lay and ordained, are called to be people and agents of faith, in Sussex and in our daily life.

May this online edition and celebration of that faith be an encouragement to our future

growth in holiness, in number, and in outreach to a needy world.