Diocese of Chichester

Prayers for our schools

Diocesan Director for Education, Trevor Cristin, welcomes back staff and pupils to the new school term for 2020/2021.

On 10 sep 2020

In Diocese of Chichester

By Comms

Trevor Cristin has welcomed back schools to the new school term and acknowledged the many challenges ahead. 

He said "Please pray for our schools as they move into a position of being open to all our children. It has been a challenging few months and I have no doubt there will be more challenges ahead. However, our school leaders have demonstrated great dedication and professionalism throughout and I can only emphasise my gratitude and admiration for how effectively they have lead and the compassion they have shown.

"Having full schools again will no doubt be a source of joy for them all but please pray that all will stay safe and well. Pray also for the children as some readjust to being back in school for the first time in many months.

"Our team at Church House have been kept very busy since March and I would like to thank them for their commitment and care for others. There is a gradual return to Church House but many of us continue to work remotely. This brings both benefits and challenges but all have been resourceful and positive in ensuring our new way of working is effective."