Diocese of Chichester

Getting back to something like 'normal': A synod Representative perspective

Julia Thorpe is a Deanery Synod Representative and attends St Mary’s, Battle.

On 30 jul 2020

In Diocese of Chichester

“Having actually enjoyed lockdown getting back to something like "normal" is a shock to the system.

“The one thing I missed was worshipping in Church. Fortunately, the Church of the Ascension opened for the first time since the pandemic struck early in July. Our Holy Communion service was led by Bishop Nicholas Reade.

“At our small Church we can only accommodate 18 souls including clergy, and the last two Sundays 17 people attended. It was so good to meet in Church again.

“It is very strange not having music at all. Alas, our Organ is in a position whereby it is impossible for it to be used because of social distancing. This is such a shame as many are touched by the power of traditional Church music and hymns. Therefore our services are slightly shorter and if members wish to chat after the service they move outside to social distance in the churchyard.

“Some events have been postponed and our next large event is the Harvest Festival service and lunch on 27 September which is always so popular.

“It will be good to have normal Church services in due course and be able to visit the aged who have had to shield. Sometimes a phone call is not enough. Plus, the Bible Study groups, which run as small house groups and benefit so many, can start again.”