Diocese of Chichester

Church of England Launches Energy Rating Tool

On 24 jan 2020

In Church of England

By Diocese of Chichester

The Church of England is launching an energy rating system similar to those used for household appliances to help monitor the carbon footprint of its almost 40,000 buildings, as General Synod considers a major new proposal to reach ‘net zero’ CO2 emissions. 

In a first step, parishes are being offered a new rating tool, which calculates their energy consumption, taking into account factors including the type of power they use, whether they are on ‘green’ tariffs, the size of the building and usage. 

The Diocese of Chichester’s Environment Officer, Revd Debbie Beer, said:

“This is a great opportunity for our churches to work together and with local communities, businesses, local government, and all organisations across Sussex on tackling the Climate Crisis.

"Deciding how to act effectively, justly and compassionately to reduce our carbon emissions, is a difficult challenge for everyone, not just for the Church.I believe that through joint efforts and mutual support and encouragement we can show how the Gospel is vital, practical good news in the face of this huge threat to our world.”