Diocese of Chichester

Many clergy find that, as their parents become older, they need to offer an increased level of support and care. It may be that they become the primary carer for a parent or close relative. This might be on a temporary basis, following an operation, for example. It could be a permanent change in circumstance.

It might be helpful to ask for a period of ‘special leave’, details of which are set down in the Diocesan Clergy Handbook (accessible via the link below)

If taking on the role of carer is likely to continue in the longer term, it will be important to discuss this with your incumbent (for those in assistant ministry) and your archdeacon or bishop. It may be that your work pattern will need to be adjusted to some degree. All clergy on Common Tenure will have a Role Description, which can be adjusted to reflect any changing patterns or responsibilities in ministry. It is importance to recognise that vocation to ordained ministry sits alongside other equally important vocations, such as being a parent, husband or wife.

There are a number of organisations offering support for carers, such as:

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