Diocese of Chichester

Church House, like most other places of work, is now closed.

Our home working plans have been working well and the majority of our services still continue. The best way to contact staff will therefore be by email, as the switchboard (01273 421 021) has now been diverted to a mobile phone. This means that calls cannot be transferred to other staff, although our receptionist will be able to give you the direct dial number of the person you are trying to reach, or other advice, or pass on a message. You can also find direct dial telephone numbers and email addresses for all members of Church House staff on the diocesan website here. As direct dial numbers are in many cases being diverted to employees’ personal phones, we would ask for your understanding in calling only during normal working hours, and respecting any requests to call back another time.

On the assumption that post continues to be delivered, two people will come into Church House twice a week to open post, which will therefore continue to be scanned and emailed to the appropriate member of staff where practical. If the volume of post decreases as expected, we will look to reduce this to once a week. We ask that wherever possible, communications are sent by email or other electronic method, and you should be aware that if conditions worsen, it may not be possible for us to receive post at all.

A member of the finance team will also attend on an occasional basis to collect cheques for banking, when notified by the post handlers that there are sufficient cheques to justify attendance at Church House as necessary, but payments made by direct bank credit would be much appreciated wherever that is possible.

The best contact email for general enquiries is adminhelpdesk@chichester.anglican.org, which multiple staff have access to. Please do be aware that we are, like so many of you, receiving a high volume of enquiries, and it is not possible to deal with all as speedily as we would like.