Diocese of Chichester

Thank you for serving as Treasurer, such a vital and responsible position in the financial life of the church. This page gives an overview of the main tasks, together with some useful links to other webpages and guidance documents.

Being a PCC Treasurer
Guide to being a Treasurer
A Year in the Life of a PCC Treasurer

  • Count incoming cash/cheques with a witness
  • Record the cash/cheques on the vestry recording sheet, signed by yourself and the witness
  • Bank the cash/cheques, ensuring the denominations and amounts match the vestry sheet
  • Keep these records filed by date as hard copy or digitally.
  • Pay onward any collections restricted for other organisations and charities.

Vestry Record Sheet
Cash Count sheet for banking

Collections for Bishops Discretionary Fund, sort code 20-20-62, account number 63636119, account name the Bishop of Chichester's No.1 Account.

Make Payments
  • Pay authorised invoices and set up direct debits (eg utilities)
  • Pay expenses, when these have been dual-authorised and all receipts are submitted
  • Keep all these documents filed by date
  • Research national discounts and offers by registering with Parish Buying

Clergy Expenses Guide 1
Clergy Expenses Guide 2

  • Perform a monthly bank reconciliation
  • Budget-code/categorise each transaction: including details of restricted funds
  • Keep a list of gift-aid-able giving
  • Consider whether to use a spreadsheet or cloud-based bookkeeping software

Parish Accounting Guide
Parish Accounting Spreadsheet - updated
Restricted funds guidance

Gift Aid
  • Make and keep a record of who is Gift Aid-eligible
  • Store their GA declarations somewhere safe
  • Make blank GA declarations available in church
  • Claim Gift Aid regularly: monthly or quarterly is best
  • Claim Gift Aid on Small Donations

Gift Aid guidance
Gift Aid declaration template

Giving Methods
  • Put information on how to make BACS donations or set up standing orders clearly on display
  • Look after the contactless giving device: battery is charged, data is topped up, it’s in the right place, it works
  • Look after PGS: answer questions, receive statements, order gift forms

Generous Giving section

PCC Reporting
  • Create and deliver a finance report for each PCC meeting
  • Give information on actuals against budget
  • Raise any concerns: eg about conflicts of interest, unexpected expenditure, failure to source competitive quotes for works
  • Make any recommendations: eg about new giving methods
  • Annually, create a suggested budget and work with the PCC to revise and approve it
PCC financial policy template

Annual Reports
  • Organise the annual financial statements: whether you are writing them or hiring someone to do this
  • Write the Financial Review for the Trustees’ report
  • Submit the finished reports to Diocese and Parish Returns
  • Submit to Charity Commission if registered

Annual reports guidance

Liaise with Diocesan Finance Office

To contact your Parish Advisor:

Email or telephone: 01273 425 797