Diocese of Chichester

Giving a legacy to your church in your will is a very effective method of providing for its future. 

Local churches rely on generous giving by the worshipers to have an effective ministry.

Leaving a legacy to your church

Our churches were well-provided by the generous giving of those who have passed on before us and many of our churches continue to exist because of that enduring generosity. Many, though, will need your generous gift if they are to continue into the future.

Don't Restrict Your Legacy

Many legacies given to the Church of England in the past were restricted by their donors to achieve certain outcomes, for example, for maintaining a monument or repairs to a lovely organ, but doing so today may prevent regular parish ministry from being available to your church.

For more information on giving a valuable legacy to your church why not view the Church's legacy website

PCC Legacy Policy

Every PCC is advised to adopt a legacy policy to inform a donor of how a legacy will be received and used. For more details about this or how to arrange a legacy campaign contact your Parish Advisor:

email or telephone: 01273 425 797