Diocese of Chichester

Church House Hove, exists to serve parishes and schools. Clergy and parishes know about many of our services and use them well, but others are less well known.

This booklet therefore aims to do two things.

The first is to widen awareness of what help we can offer from Church House to support your parish in your work of ministering to the people of Sussex and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. That help might be directly missional, such as resources for youth work, or it might be help with administrative matters such as parish governance. We can help on many things directly from Church House and for other matters we can point you to other sources of support. This booklet outlines where we can help in both ways, and also areas where we would love to offer more in the future.

The second is to offer more transparency on how the money that parishes so generously give through parish share is spent. Parishes give an incredible £14 million towards the annual diocesan expenditure of nearly £19 million, and parish support services makes up 16% of that expenditure. For that reason the booklet also includes the essential back office functions that enable the diocese to operate.

We at Church House look forward to continuing to serve and support the whole diocese across all the parishes of which it is made up, and are grateful for all the support we receive from so many in return. Together we are part of a household of faith, supporting each other to know, love and follow Jesus, part of something amazing. Together we are the Diocese of Chichester.

Gabrielle Higgins
Diocesan Secretary

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