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Occasional visitors & tourists

Many churches leave large (at least C6 size) Gift Aid envelopes available close to church entrances, welcome displays and on pews or chairs.

This provision should be supported by suitable notices along the following lines “Dear Visitor, if you would like to make a donation and are a UK taxpayer, please fill in your details on the [colour] Gift Aid envelope and put it in [the wall collecting box by the porch]. Thank you for your generosity. This will enable us to increase your gift by 25% as we reclaim the basic rate income tax you have already paid”. Some churches include a notice like this as standard in their weekly notice sheet.

Why not run a competition among church members (remember to include the children!) to see who can produce the best ideas for posters about Gift Aid. Use the best ones in rotation in prominent positions around the church. Remember to include the official “giftaid it” logo (as shown on this page) where possible.

See HMRC Guidance Notes for more details.


As well as the statutory and organist/choir fees, some churches are asking the happy couple when they book the wedding if they would like to make a voluntary donation towards the overall costs of running the church. Some churches suggest that this could be say 1% or 5% of the total budget for the wedding, reception and honeymoon. Please ensure the donation is made by a taxpayer through Gift Aid.

If there is a retiring collection, it may be sensible in the notices to include a mention of the (coloured) Gift Aid envelopes so the friends and family can make sure the tax they have already paid to the taxman goes to a good cause, either a charity nominated by the couple, or to the church itself. Some churches produce special wedding Gift Aid envelopes decorated with bells etc.

Baptisms & funerals

Why not ask the family involved if they want to specify a favourite charity to which everyone can donate in a retiring collection? If there is no obvious charity to support, suggest the church itself. Either option provides another opportunity to mention completing Gift Aid envelopes. Some churches produce suitably decorated envelopes for baptisms and funerals.

Civic services, harvest festivals etc

The same principles as above apply … promote Gift Aid whenever possible. If appropriate, you could print special envelopes decorated for the occasion.

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