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Giving, Stewardship and Fundraising


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What's the difference between Stewardship and Fundraising?

From a local church perspective, the answer may be 'not much'.

But we would urge local churches to separate out their project appeals from their normal running costs.

Why? Because you may be targetting different audiences.

The whole community may be approached to support occasional capital projects, but the normal running costs of a church will almost certainly fall upon the shoulders of the regular attenders.


Giving is the major source of local church income. Many decades ago, local churches enjoyed subsidy from a nationwide pot. Not any more! Local churches today are paid for by the generous giving of local people.

Your local church will offer various schemes for Planned Giving - you will need to talk to the local PCC Treasurer or Giving Officer.

Planned Giving is a great help to the local church, enabling it to budget effectively. The most efficient way of supporting Planned Giving is via the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). Click here for more details of PGS .


This is the word often used in church circles to describe an approach to good housekeeping - that is, making sure our regular income meets our regular expenditure, and that we don't incur year-on-year deficits.

From a personal perspective, Stewardship is about taking a responsible attitude to all the gifts that God has entrusted to an individual - time, talents and money.


If a local church is thinking about raising funds for a capital project, there are people at Church House who may be able to help. See the 'Speak to somebody' panel on this page.

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At Church House we have some full-time employees, some part-time employees and some external consultants. Our aim is to provide a good service level to parishes while keeping costs down.

If you have a question about diocesan finance or the legal frameworks under which parishes and the diocese operate, please call our Finance Team on 01273 425798.

If your question is about improving income or reducing costs, call John Kemp on 01273 425797.

We welcome telephone calls and can usually put you through to the right person or ask them to call you back. Our switchboard number is 01273 421021.