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Spirituality & Mission in the diocese

Spirituality is the source, the wellspring of mission. We can only share with others what we have received for ourselves. 

Spirituality and the practice of prayer shapes our lifestyle, determines our priorities, energizes our witness and clarifies our vocation. 

The practice of spirituality helps disciples become apostles, as we learn to listen to God and listen to the needs, the hurts and hopes of the world. The Diocesan Spirituality Adviser (currently vacant) supports parishes as they develop spirituality and mission.

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Engaging Spirituality

In conjunction with the University of Chichester’s Engaging Christianity programme, the Diocese offers two courses written by Canon Andrew Mayes, designed for local delivery in parishes. Part 1: Classic Sources leads us to the wellsprings of Christian spirituality, and explores the abiding relevance of historic spiritual writers to today’s discipleship. The second module Part 2: Contemporary Issues explores a range of issues which challenge the contemporary practice of Christian spirituality, including for example, the relation of spirituality to sexuality, justice and ecology. Each course is fully resourced by a substantial booklet and includes questions to stimulate discussion and a suggested prayer exercise. The courses are free-standing and Part 2 can be used without Part 1being completed first. We are looking for tutors to deliver these courses locally. Details from H.Strommen@chi.ac.uk

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Our Diocesan Spirituality Adviser is currently vacant