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This page - currently a work in progress - will have links and signposts to a growing portfolio of resources to support the Diocesan Strategy as it rolls out across our family of churches in Sussex.

The resources library, currently resident in 'the cloud' using an application called 'Dropbox', can be accessed by using the link from the orange box on the right. Whether or not you're familiar with this application, you should find the library easy to find your way around.

If you would like a sounding board to discuss the strategy, or to hear of some of the initiatives that have been deployed across our diocese, please make contact, using the 'contact' link at the top left of this screen.

Online Store and Resources Library

Some items can now be found at our online store. Other resources are found in our resources library. You can access these by clicking or tapping on the links below:

Resources Library
Online store

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