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Reader ministry

Readers licensed by the Bishop of Lewes in 2017


As chair of our diocesan Readers committee, may I warmly welcome you to this part of our diocesan website.

Readers play a key role in the life of many of our churches and share with their ordained colleagues the ministry of preaching, teaching and pastoral care.

I hope you will find your visit worthwhile, and if this is a form of ministry that you're wondering about then we hope you'll find the information you need.

With best wishes,

+Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes

What is Reader ministry?

Readers are lay people, called by God, trained and licensed by the Church to preach, teach, lead worship and assist in pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work.

Here is a link to the National Reader website.

Should I become a Reader?

Only if both you and the wider church feel you are called by God to this ministry. One of the first steps will be a discussion with your incumbent - the priest who leads your local church. Then there is a process of discernment, selection, training, and licensing.

This page (click or tap here) has a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Reader ministry.

I'm a Reader already

If you're a Licensed Reader in this diocese, click or tap here for news and resources.

If you're moving to our part of the world from another diocese, this page (click or tap here) has all the information you'll need.

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Who's who

Robin Holford is the secretary. We will be pleased to hear from you. For contact details, please click or tap here.