Diocese of Chichester

In 2015 a new five-year diocesan strategy was launched. As the five years draw to an end we are consulting on the strategic focus for the next five years, building on the last five.

Part of the consultation will be at meetings in each deanery, where one of the three bishops will outline the current thinking and listen to your feedback. If you have not been invited to these meetings and would like to attend, do contact your deanery secretary to find out when and where it is.

Whether or not you are able to attend one of the meetings, we would love to hear your feedback. We invite anyone to complete a survey which can be found here and should take no more than 6 minutes to complete.

Please do forward this email on to anyone you think may like to complete it. We are sending it to all clergy and readers (in both cases both licensed and those with PTO); churchwardens; PCC treasurers, secretaries, administrators and safeguarding officers; Deanery Synod representatives; head teachers and chairs of governors, but we do not have email addresses for all congregation members, let alone anyone who lives in your parish but does not regularly attend church, some of whom (such as community leaders or members of Friends organisations) may wish to give their views.

Please note that the survey is completely anonymous – not even IP addresses will be collected. So please do be completely honest, and give us your real views.

Bishop of Lewes