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PGS Materials Available to Local Churches

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We have a range of materials for local churches to use in their deployment of the Parish Giving Scheme. They can be previewed here (by clicking the links in the text below, or by selecting from the orange panel on the right) but we encourage you to use the printed supplies we have available at Church House.

There are some excellent example letters to donors, as used in one of our parishes, which you can access from the orange panel on the right.

If you need supplies of any of these items, please email pgs@chichester.anglican.org, or you can order online by clicking here.

Not sure where to start?

You might find it helpful to begin with the menu - click here to see it.

Materials for churches that have not yet registered for PGS:

For Incumbents, PCCs and local church officers

We recommend you start with the Frequently Asked Questions document (2 sides of A4).

If you're interested in signing up your local church ...

... then look at the PGS Implementation Handbook (a booklet running to 12 sides of A4).

You'll also need a Registration Form for each church - it has to be completed, signed and sent back to Church House. You can download the form here, and the return address is on it.

Once a local church's PGS registration has been received at Church House, we will despatch supplies of all the donor materials (in the grey column on the right). If someone is passing near, we'll hand-deliver. Otherwise, we'll use the post.

Materials for churches that have registered for PGS:

For enquirers - donors who are wondering about PGS

You might like to look at the Better way to Help your Local Church leaflet (click here to preview it) - but be aware that individuals won't get to donate via PGS unless their local church registers with us first!

For donors wishing to sign up to PGS

Donors can get a Gift Form from their local church PGS project leader. At the same time they should get a Donor Information Booklet (click here to preview it).

NOTE: the materials in this grey column are not normally made available to prospective donors until their local church has been registered as a PGS church.