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Pastoral Care and Counselling

Mental Health Foundation - Podcasts

The MHF have recommenced their podcast series, which I really hope you will find have helpful aspects within them. There is a wide ranging group of podcasts available, covering issues from burnout to depression, trauma to young people's mental health.

Podcasts can be found at: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/podcasts-and-videos/podcast-interviews

MHFA (Mental Health First Aid), England

Key resource to access when accessing support for both ourselves but also for others.


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Welcome to the Pastoral Care and Counselling pages, where clergy and their families are able to access support and advice for a wide range of needs that occur for many of us, from time to time.

Nicola Canham, Head of Pastoral Care and Counselling, and Sue Mulvoy, Assistant Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling can be contacted via the email link in the green box on this page. In the same box you will find the referral form and pathway to this service.

The orange box beneath this lists all of the Wellbeing Matters Newsletters which have been written by the pastoral care and  counselling team, and offer psycho-education and signposting around a variety of different aspects of wellbeing.

The Pastoral Care Policy and Archdeacon Fiona's reflections regarding Pastoral Care can be found just below in the blue box. This is the original policy, and, over time, you will see that revised versions will be published on these pages. If however you are left with any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling.

The Pastoral Care and Counselling pages have been designed to be user friendly for clergy and their families, so that the required area can be found by clicking upon the link below, which then provides further option choices by clicking upon the appropriate hyper-link.

Whilst there are Christian specific organisations and charities listed, you will also find links to statutory sector and secular organisations and charities, too. There are national organisations to consider, as well as more locally based support. The hope is that by providing you with a wide ranging base of options, you will find the most appropriate support to your needs at this time.

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We have locations in mid, east and west of the Diocese where we can meet with you.

Pastoral Care and Counselling

Nicola Canham, BACP (Accred) BABCP - Head of Pastoral Care and Counselling


Sue Mulvoy, UKCP - Assistant Officer for Pastoral Care and Counselling

provide pastoral care and counselling for clergy and their immediate families (spouses and children), throughout the Diocese of Chichester.

Nicola and Sue are supported by Ruth Mc Brien - Pastoral Care and Counselling Administrator

To get in contact Email

How to refer to Pastoral Care and Counselling

Referral Form (PDF)
Referral Form (Word)
Referral Pathway

Wellbeing Matters Articles

The aim of these monthly articles is to educate and support anyone who accesses the Pastoral Care and Counselling pages, but also to continue the journey of raising the profile of Wellbeing and Self Care within our Diocese.

Issue 1. Anxiety

Issue 2. Depression

Issue 3. Sleep

Issue 4. Trauma

Pastoral Care Policy

Pastoral Care Policy 2017

GDPR for the Pastoral Care and Counselling Service