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Responding well to mental health

Responding well to mental health

Elle Weaver is Chichester Diocese’s mental health and wellbeing facilitator. She features in a video released today which introduces her role in the diocese and highlights a new initiative.

Elle is passionate about helping the church to understand mental health and to support those with concerns about mental health and wellbeing to make a positive change.

She said: “In our churches, we can play a vital role in challenging the stigma, fear and misunderstanding surrounding mental health.

“Volunteers are needed to become mental health and wellbeing contacts for their churches - this is the first step to increasing awareness and responding well to anyone who has a mental health and wellbeing concern.”

The initiative is supported by the diocese through Together In Sussex.

The contact is not expected to address mental health issues themselves but to offer a listening ear, support the person and signpost them to other sources of help.

To ensure their effectiveness, the contact will have the backing of their incumbent and PCC. They will receive mental health first aid awareness training and will be supported in the role. It would be helpful to have personal and/or professional experience of mental health and wellbeing issues.

You can watch the video here

To find out more, email Elle at Elle.weaver@chichester.anglican.org or call 07751873735.