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Join us for an amazing celebration

Join us for an amazing celebration

This year Thy Kingdom Come celebration will take place at the Dome in Brighton on Sunday, June 9. The keynote speaker will be Roy Crowne from Hope Together. Roy became Hope Together’s executive director in March 2010 and was previously the national director of youth for Christ in Britain for 12 years.

Stuart Barbour, a singer and songwriter from Sussex, will be providing worship music and Rev Martin Poole will be applying his usual creativity, using both traditional and contemporary ways, to provide a visual effect in a way that helps everyone to worship God and be inspired by the Spirit.

Bishop Richard is leading on the day. He said: “As well as Roy and contributions from other speakers we will have a family prayer space, a healing space and a contemplative prayer space. Prayer spaces will be open from 2.00pm-6.00pm for people to drop in any time they like, and a programme of workshops on these themes will be available soon. This ecumenical event will be followed by an evening of worship event from 7.00pm.

“Leading up to Pentecost Sunday there are plans being formulated for a prayer pilgrimage taking in as many parishes as we can across the diocese. We will communicate as soon as we can about the plans for this and how parishes can get involved again this year.

“Last year we prayed in all sorts of different ways, from an hour at the sacrament to the more extemporary, but the main thrust was always the needs of the local churches and their fruitfulness in witness. The celebration at the Dome will bring us together across the whole range of Anglican worship. Each will be given a message to take out with them which I hope will inspire everyone who takes part in some way. It will be great to see the Dome full on the Sunday.” 

REGISTER HERE https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/many-voices-one-spirit-tickets-59123430773

GET READY TO INSPIRE AND ENABLE, for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ (another free event)

Come and be INSPIRED and EQUIPPED to enable your church to participate in the Thy Kingdom Come. It’s for anyone who’d like to get involved – church leaders and clergy, lay people and prayer co-ordinators from any denomination, and Led by Jean Kerr, National Diocesan Coordinator for the Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is absolutely committed to enabling every local church to participate, and pray and hope to see transformed communities and lives through prayer, This Inspire and Equip workshop course will support your leaders and organisers as they prepare to take part in the Thy Kingdom Come.

Inspire and Equip is a free, two-hour session that will explore simple and creative prayer activities for everyone, including Churches, families and young people. We will facilitate the training in collaboration with you/your context and bring a selection of free resources that most suit your style of worship or prayer.

All participants receive a sample of resources.

30 Apr 2019, 10am-12pm, St Mary’s, Broadwater, WORTHING BN14 8HT

Book Worthing HERE

30th Apr 2019, 2.30-4.30pm, EASTBOURNE BN21 4HE

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