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Bishop of Chichester to sleep Rough for one night.

Bishop of Chichester to sleep Rough for one night.

Turning Tides, a local homeless charity, are once again holding their annual Worthing and Littlehampton Sleep Out’s, where participants can experience rough sleeping for a night, helping to raise both vital funds and awareness for the charity.

Bishop Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester will be participating this year and raising funds for the charity to highlight the hardship and danger of sleeping rough in our community.

Homelessness is increasing rapidly and Turning Tides have seen a rise in the use of their services, they helped 1,700 in the last year and see on average 65 people a day in their Community Hubs. There are many reasons people become homeless, however, the current housing crisis and changes to the benefits system play a large role.

The Bishop had this to say: “It is all too easy to end up homeless with no other option than sleeping rough.

“By choosing to take part in this sleepout challenge I want to support Turning Tides in raising funds to tackle homelessness on our own doorstep.

“This is not about statistics; it is about the plight of human beings and the complicated situations some of us have to face. The Turning Tide sleepout is an opportunity to draw attention to the needs of the homeless in Littlehampton and across the whole of Sussex.”

You can sponsor Bishop Martin's sleepout here 

Recently we interviewed Sam. Sam was given the opportunity to regain independence through Turning Tides. You can listen to Sam's story here

Joining Turning Tides sponsored Sleepout is a great way to show your support for those homeless and insecurely housed in our community.

The event brings much-needed funds and awareness to the cause. A previous participant Michaela said “The sleepout was a real life-changing experience it makes you begin to think you can’t even imagine how on earth anyone can do that every day and every night not knowing when it will end. After the sleep, out you feel a real sense of emotion of how lucky you really are and you really want to help the people who are homeless and insecurely housed because no one deserves to live like that.”

While sleeping out for a night in these circumstances can be fun, it also gives us an idea of what it must be like for those who have no choice but to do this every night of the year. If you feel like a challenge and want to know more you can get involved by signing up today just visit - https://turning-tides-sleepouts-2019.eventbrite.c... or email fundraising@turning-tides.org.uk