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Citizen's tea parties to celebrate Prince of Wales 70th.

Citizen's tea parties to celebrate Prince of Wales 70th.

The Prince of Wales will be 70 on 14th November this year. Parishes and schools are being encouraged to mark the occasion by making it a celebration of age and of community. It is hoped cornerstones of our communities will come together to organise tea parties for local people who are 70 or in their 70s. They need not be vast and extravagant occasions, but simply a series of small events across the country that help bring communities together. During the period between Remembrance and the beginning of Advent consider brightening an autumn afternoon by hosting a birthday tea party sometime between Wednesday 14th and Saturday 17th November as part of this nationwide initiative.

The thrust of the initiative is about bringing together organisations, individuals and age groups in a community celebration.

You could invite your local Mayor or District Council Chair to join in and involve others in your area that have a connection such as lunch clubs and age concern groups.

If you are willing to host a November Birthday Tea and reach out to invite people from your local community tell the National Association of Civic Officers that it is going to happen (email vicechair@naco.uk.com) so they can build up a picture of what is happening and where. You could send photographs to NACO after the event (vicechair@naco.uk.com) so that they can put together a gallery showing how, across the UK, together we found ways to celebrate The Prince of Wales’s birthday whilst helping to strengthen communities and link generations.

The Duchess of Cornwall said that “technology now offers so many ways to communicate, but sitting down for a chat over a cup of tea can still be counted as one of the most enjoyable”. Very many of us would share that sentiment and a 70th Birthday tea seems a great opportunity to do just that.