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Garden party to celebrate end of First World War

Garden party to celebrate end of First World War

A house that former prime minister Lloyd George once stayed in has become the inspiration for an event in Hurstpierpoint to mark the end of the first world war.

In 1918 Danny House in Hurstpierpoint was rented for three months to Prime Minister Lloyd George.

He held regular conferences in the Great Hall, where on 13 October the terms of the Armistice to be offered to Germany at the end of the Great War were agreed.

 Dany's House is to hold a re-enactment of a garden party hosted by the former prime minister in 1918 to celebrate the end of the Great War.

Vicar of Holy Trinity, Jane Willis, will be leading on prayer activities to mark the occasion which coincides with the annual Hurst Festival.

She said: “On 2nd Sept there will be a re-enactment of the garden party Lloyd George threw to celebrate the peace.

“During Hurst Festival held in the last two weeks of September, we will have a ‘Vision Peace’ community art exhibition in Holy Trinity church which will be exhibiting work from Hurst Open Studios artists, the children of St Lawrence CofE Primary School and residents of The Dene Hospital.

“There will be a prayer station where visitors will be able to spend time praying for peace – their own, our community, the world.

“Our sermons in church for the three weekends of the festival will also be on the theme of prayer and peace.

“A highlight during the second week of the Festival will be a dramatization of the events leading to the peace written by one of our church lay ministers, Kevin Carey. ‘Winning the Peace’ will be premiered at our village theatre.

Details about Hurst Festival can be found here: https://www.hurstfestival.org/event_detail/winning...