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Palm Crosses as Holy Week begins

Palm Crosses as Holy Week begins

Thousands of crosses made from the branches of palm trees will be distributed in churches across the Diocese of Chichester this weekend.

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week which charts the final journey of Jesus to Jerusalem before his eventual resurrection.

Churches purchase their palm crosses from a range of charitable outlets across the world.

They are one of the most treasured items distributed by churches to members over the year. People put them in special places In their homes, and even in their places of work.

When the crowd saw Jesus approaching the Mount of Olives they took palm branches and made a carpet for the donkey on which Jesus was riding.

And so, in addition to distributing palm crosses, many churches have processions as walks of witness holding their palm Crosses.

Over the next seven days, there will be many extra services marking Jesus’s journey to the cross and to the celebration of his resurrection next weekend.